A Custom GPT Template to Automate Your Podcast Prep

Condense your episode guest research, episode development, and guest prep from 90 minutes to 5 minutes.

1 Video Lesson

We'll walk you through setting it up step by step to make this fast and easy.

1 Prebuilt GPT

We've done the work of crafting the perfect instructions to train your own producer. Just copy and paste them into your own custom GPT.

Customized For Your Show

We'll show you exactly what your Ai producer needs to know to automate many of your show tasks.

Designed By Podcast Pros

Susan Diaz

Susan is founder CEO of c+p digital - a content marketing firm focussed on podcasting. She’s the author of "UNboring, take your content marketing from blah to brilliant" and is pioneering the category of ‘AI agencies’ for founder-led brands.

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Dan Sanchez

Dan has hosted 300+ podcast episodes and was the lead strategist at the largest B2B podcast agency. Today, he helps businesses grow their audiences through his courses, consulting, and services.

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Do I need the paid version of ChatGPT?

You will need paid ChatGPT Plus account in order to take advantage of this template. The paid account let's you build your own custom GPTs.

If you only use the free version of ChatGPT, we also provide a prompt guide to get the same result, but it will take a bit more time to execute each time you prep for a guest.

What is a custom GPT?

A custom GPT is a new feature available to Open Ai's ChatGTP Plus users that allows you to customize Chat GPT with your own instructions and documents to accomplish more specialized tasks. You can learn more about them from this video.

What can this template accomplish?

MyShowrunner will take a lot of the heavy lifting of the preproduction process for a guest based show off of your shoulders. What used to take an hour or two, now only takes 5 minutes.

It will research your guest, find the best angle for the interview that fits their expertise and the premise of your show, develop episode titles, build your show outline, write questions, and produce an email to send to your guest.

And there's more to come!

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